The Green-Blue Water Coalition

The Green-Blue Water Coalition

The Green-Blue Water Coalition is an initiative to increase water security for more than 60 million Brazilians in 12 metropolitan regions through the investment in green infrastructure in partnership with the private sector.

The purpose of the Coalition is to help companies and governments incorporate the preservation of rivers and springs as essential tools for sustainable water management. The joint effort is based on the principle that water availability is a unique element in the operation of companies and that corporations interested in the sustainability of their own businesses can contribute decisively to the expansion of water security in Brazil through investment in green infrastructure.

The decision to invest in green infrastructure is based on scientific studies that demonstrate that the recovery of forests, rivers, and soils in strategic areas increases the water flow and the quality of water supplied to the population, companies, and rural producers.

The choice of cities served by the Coalition is based on the study “Green Infrastructure: an opportunity to guarantee water security in the main cities of “Latin America,” prepared by TNC and Science for Nature and People (SNAP), a research group made up by scientists from conservation NGOs. The survey listed the 25 cities in Latin America that would have the greatest forest-restoration return on investment in strategic areas of water supply. Twelve of those cities are in Brazil – precisely those included in the Green-Blue Water Coalition and will benefit from the new initiative. They are Curitiba, São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vitória, Santos, Maceió, Salvador, Recife, João Pessoa, and Goiânia. TNC already develops projects in the first six cities mentioned, and in the municipality of Camboriú.